after we were closing the remaining 12 months’ spring Design situation, it becomes the starting of a period; now, one year later, we’re nearing its end.

Of course, it’s not definitely the end, but on some days we’re in a position to faux in any other case — we’re in a position to make plans again; we’re in a position to count on. Lots of the crushing uncertainties we lived with for months had been answered (though in many circumstances, the solutions are crushing, too).

March is all the time an unpredictable duration in long island.

There are days in case you can consider the promise of now not just spring but summer: The air becomes soft, the bushes froth with green apparently in a single day, and people acquire outdoors on stoops and park benches within the relative warmth.

Tomorrow, though, the bone-chilling damp returns, or the whipping winds or, regularly, the snow.

The month is not a transition between February and April so an awful lot because it is a combination of the two, the climate at its most fickle.